Feisty four-piece of actor-musicians make up Effra Social, a band fizzing with theatricality, dirty rock and arresting hooks. Their YouTube series documents the rise of a young South London band in the business of music, where hapless artists are guided by useless PR people and managers, and everyone is convinced they can make it. The line between fiction and reality is intentionally and tragically blurred, as the band and their team stumble through confused band meetings.

Effra Social comprises of Tommy Chambers, Susie Barrett, Anthony Pinnick and Will Rastall. From Streatham and Brixton, the quartet have released three singles – the funk-rock debut ‘Hey Ho’, ‘Dim Sum’ and ‘Take Away My Blues’ – in the summer of 2017.

On 13th July 2018, Effra Social released their new single, ‘Turn Sinner’, and embarked on a new journey in the form of a YouTube sitcom series, eponymously titled ‘EFFRA SOCIAL’. Think ‘People Just Do Nothing’ meets ‘This Is Spinal Tap’. Each episode follows the band as they experience the early pitfalls of trying to make it big in the music industry. Watch them rehearse, travel in their “massive gig van”, decide on a band name and get the PR treatment – what could possibly go wrong?